40+ Awesome Anime Drawing! – Learn anime drawing ( for beginners )

Welcome to the course “Anime Studio (for beginners)”


Draw anime like a professional does, this is something you can learn to do at home. With a little patience and practice, following these steps of the course, you can achieve the desired style of anime drawing. Drawing an anime character is like an adventure through a character. However, this task can be a challenge. Anime is a style of drawing that comes from Japan. The eyes of the anime are very different from the natural eyes, but they are still prone to communicate with the person. When an anime eye is drawn, the visible part of the eye, the orbit, the eyelid and the eyelashes are represented.

Anime is an animation / drawing style originally from Japan. Most anime drawings include exaggerated physical characteristics, such as large eyes, long hair, and elongated limbs. In this course, you will learn to draw an anime schoolgirl, an anime girl in a bathing suit, a teenage anime girl and a younger / boy anime girl.

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