46+ Amazing and Cute Amigurumi Pattern Ideas and New Trends

Amigurumi dolls!
Hello everybody, today. I have prepared beautiful amigurumi dolls with beautiful and high quality love. I was looking at some different pictures today. I wanted to examine some of the amigurumi recipes for you and when you examined them I prepared some pictures.


I’m having trouble finding amigurumi pictures lately. I guess that’s why we’re going summer. In summer, people don’t like knitting. I don’t really like me. But that’s our job. In winter, the amigurumis are usually popular in the summer, but in the summer they are often popular with dolls.

But let’s continue with the dolls we made for the summer by the season. I hope you like the amigurumis I’m sharing. I’m very fond of sharing them.

Now let’s look at our pictures.

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