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To make fun of spring and summer tops is one of my favorite crochet activities! The design of the clothes is my jam, and in the warmer months I had a lot of fun doing funny things. That’s why I collected the BEST crochet patterns for your pleasure in spring and summer. From tanks to tees, tops for trimming and topping. You will find something sweet and flirty for the summer. I love all these projects. They are all so different and everyone will find something for themselves. Take your favorite summer yarn and find the perfect summer project for you!


When I sit down to crochet, my favorite things are baby blankets and afghans. But lately I’ve been playing clothes, especially summer summers.

I did a few before my Crochet Cruise earlier this year, including the Peacock Summer Shell from the list below. This is a great first material to help you make the right choice. I did it with 3 strands Bernat Satin. It’s easy to wear over a tank top with capri pants.

I have just done one more thing that I absolutely love and can not wait to bring it to the upcoming event. This is the summit of Sweet Clara by Christine Omdal. I thought it would be difficult, but in fact it does not matter as soon as you change your mind. This is done in a round, one-piece part from top to bottom. With great yarn that’s an amazing thing I want to wear with leggings and kumi. I did something more to hide my hips. Choose I Choose Be Sporty yarn made from Passionate Plum. I love the rich, deep color.

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