Crochet Swimwear

48+ Summer Sweet Crochet Bikini and Swimwear Patterns

Get ready for the summer by making your own crochet swimsuit! If you want your swimsuits to be functional, use cotton to keep their shape in the water. This crochet swimwear range includes bikinis, monokini and one-piece swimsuits in all sizes, from kids to women to big ones.


As Memorial Day is approaching on the weekend, it’s time to lock up your bathing suit. Although you can never go wrong in a classic monoblock or bikini, do a crochet bikini. Designed for the perfect style on the beach or at the pool (and of course on Instagram), this summer’s boho style will surely set you apart. Click here to buy some of our favorites for the season.

I need a swimsuit. I want to crochet a bikini. The Rolling Stones do not get involved in all this drama, but I know that you can not always get what you want (but if you try it sometimes, you can easily find it, you’ll get what you need). I tried, but my brain is still hard to decide what to do.

She rightly asked: How do crocheted bikinis work? Is it cotton? Will they weigh you in the water? Can you even go to the water? Without knowing the answers, I asked for a sample of those who were on FB-Messenger. Nobody knew it. Everyone was like, I’m sure you work on the fashion side, Erica, why are you asking me about it? Fair

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