Crochet Cardigan

54+ Fabulous And Beautiful Crochet Cardigan Patterns Images

Get a knitted, knitted cardigan when working on Tunisian crochet work. This crochet pattern uses simple Tunisian stitching and a very simple shape to give you a sleeveless cardigan with short sleeves. It has a honeycomb rim that gives the front flaps of the part beautiful textured details. This template is available for free download on Ravelry.


This beautiful crochet jacket is designed so that it can be easily combined with an individual style that gives the fashion an advantage. The luxury level is increased, as this cardigan is made of succulent alpaca yarn. This model, which was written in British crocheted terms, uses simple stitching and detailed assembly information to make it easier to understand clothing.

Pineapple crochet is a beautiful lace niche. At Cardigans, it looks great because it’s so feminine. This free crochet pattern by Peggy Grand, which you can download from Ravelry, is designed for a short-sleeved button-down cardigan. The pattern, available in both French and English, uses basic crochet stitches, including half double crochet work. It is written in three sizes (S, M, L).

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