Crochet Dress

54+ Modern And Wonderful Crochet and Knitting Dress Patterns

Summer style is not much easier than clothes. And thanks to the beautiful open seams, knit dresses are perfect for warm weather.


However, these open crochet stitches can not be worn alone. Combine your knit dress with a full-body jumpsuit or a simple T-shirt at the bottom, or just put it on the beach.

In the mood for a dress that keeps your brain busy? This dress changes seams every few rows, so you’re guaranteed not to get bored! The instructions are supplied in three different sizes. There are many ways to add accessories to make it yourself.

This dress features a double crochet yarn so you can get those cute, intricate details with a slightly faster stitch. Some knitting is also associated with the neck edge, so practice these knitwear before you start.

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