Crochet Cardigan

56+ This Year New Trend Crochet Cardigan Pattern Ideas

Forget diamonds, purses and shoes – cardigans and sweaters are really her best friends! In the summer, it’s always a question of bringing a sweater anywhere, especially if you know the place is pushing the air conditioner. You don’t have to set your crochet anywhere you don’t need it, but with these 56 light crochet patterns you always have a slight crochet pattern on your hand. These crochet patterns in the summer keep you warm in air conditioning or windy nights and are always so modern. Choose from lace crochet knit, everyday simple knit, bold patterns – or all!


We have also included some of our favorite cooler weather cardigans. These heavier cardigans are certainly thicker and heavier than this collection’s functional patterns, but they are perfect for ice-cold movie theaters, malls and always for cold air-conditioned office facilities. They can be used daily during the winter months, but you will also keep them handy during the spring and summer months when the temperature drops unexpectedly.

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