Crochet Dress

58+ This Year Best Crochet Dress Pattern Ideas for Beauty Ladies

I crocheted for about four years before encouraging myself to try a crochet dress. I was worried about having enough professionalism, I was worried that I was spending all my time trying to not fit well, and I was also worried about doing it and not just keeping it enough.


I started experimenting with dresses a few years ago and I have to say that I am totally hooked. Give me a couple of years and I think most of my wardrobe is handmade crochet. How amazing is that?

If you want to crochet your own dresses, here are a few models that I have added to My Etsy account. Just a caveat, many of these are pretty complicated (I love the challenge!), So if you want something to deal with, try a t-shirt dress.

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