Crochet Shawl

60+ Lovely and Sweet Crochet Shawl HandCraft Pattern Ideas

A knitted cloth is an ideal product for every season. An open cloth can be an ideal cover for bathing suits in summer, and an oversized cloth can warm your neck even in the coldest winter days. There are many different ways to crochet scarves, including various shaping options such as triangular shawls and rectangular shawls. With these 10 free crochet scarves you will learn all the options to keep warm with changing.


One of the most special types of knitted handkerchiefs you can make is a prayer cloth, a sheath that has special intentions to heal the recipient or to experience compassion. This special prayer sheet has a beautiful crocheted bow tie making it an excellent choice for people who change and transform. Of course this is just a pretty crochet work that works well with spring fashion. So if you do not want to make a prayer cloth, it still works as a simple cloth pattern.

This unique crochet scarf has a round design, which makes it a poncho scarf. So you do not have to worry about it slipping, even if you wear it during the activity. A beautiful blue-green color makes this stunning accessory that attracts attention when entering a room. The seams are simple but made in combination, which will make the design of the scarf a real eye-catcher.

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