15 Lovely And Sweet Crochet Bags Pattern Ideas

Lotus Bag Crochet Pattern

Carrying a nice bag has something that makes me feel pretty inside and out. I can have a bad day Or maybe you feel a little bad. And then I spy this cuteness, I grab it and suddenly … my spirits lift and I can’t help but smile. Maybe she’s a bit naughty. Or distant and elegant. Or maybe it’s just a fun girl who wants to go out at night. No matter. Why me and the girl? Let’s go places! And you know what? Life is very good!

And what makes a bag even better? If you knit the Miss Sassy Pants bag YOURSELF! I love, I love, I love crochet bags. And this collection of drooling goodies is sure to make you fall in love, too.

Knit a beautiful Lotus bag in a zig-zag pattern. The bag is perfect for a trip to the beach, shopping or for your latest knitting project.
There are many uses for it and it can be done in whatever colors you prefer – and you can’t decide, you can always do other knitting;)
Pattern information:
The base of the bag is knitted in a sock strip with increases. The side of the bag is knitted in a pattern with a stripe. The straps are knitted as in-cords and sewn onto the bag at the end.
2 skeletons of 1.8 ounces. (50 g) of Cotton Rainbow Hobbii 8/4, col. 98 A.
1 skein of 1.8 ounces. (50 g) of Cotton Rainbow Hobbii 8/4, col. 97 B.
US Double Size Needles 2.5 (3 mm)
31.5 inch (80 cm) US circular size 2.5 needle (3 mm)

click here for pattern

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