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Color your world Crochet Pattern

They are comfortable to wear, easy to put on, and can be worn with almost any outfit, be it jeans, skirts, shorts, or pants. They pair perfectly with anything to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Free crochet cardigan patterns not only give you a classy look, but also keep you warm and cozy without a crochet jacket or sweater. However, if you want a jacket, there is nothing wrong with wearing a jacket with free crochet cardigan patterns on cold days of the year. These free crochet cardigan patterns are easy to make and easy to shape because they are simple. However, if you want a sleek and modern look, you can customize the design and pattern.

I have been known to wear a cardigan all year round, but warm and fluffy ones are my favorites. This list has tons of amazing crochet cardigan patterns that are great for keeping you warm from the first second when the fall temperatures start to drop. You can find simple cardigans for beginners and complex pieces that are ideal for intermediate crocheters.

This cardigan is seamlessly knitted from the bottom up to the split point for the sleeves where the front and back pieces are knitted flat. The shoulder stitches are attached to the 3 Attached Needles and stitches are taken to the sleeve and knitted round. The style of the dropped shoulder is not much shaped while making knitting great for beginners. This cardigan is meant to be worn with 10 – 12 inches at its positive comfort. 6 colors are used for the stripes, which change every 12 layers. Feel free to play with the stripes making them different widths and using as many different colors as you want!

To Knit The Color Of Your Cardigan World You Will Need:

Biscuit Yarn: DK Pure 238m / 260yds / 90% Merino Superwash and 10% Silk.
Biscuit Yarn: Bis-sock merw superwash wool 400m / 435yds / 85% and nylon 15%.
Biscuit Yarn: Hermione 840m / 918yds / 75% kid mohair and 25% silk.

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