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Summerlite Headscarf Scarf Crochet Pattern

Crocheting is relaxing and fun, and there are many projects to try. The crochet scarf is one of my favorites.
Scarves are very versatile and can be worn all year round. Put a scarf over a dress in the summer or bundle up on a cool October night. They can be made of any material in any shape and size.
This list includes 20 free crochet scarf patterns, each unique and suitable for every occasion. Choose from these easy crochet patterns. There are options for both beginners and advanced students. You won’t get bored with all these patterns.

This updated pattern now has support and guidance via a blogpost on how to make including images and a couple of small vids.
To see this go over to and scroll to view.


75-100 grams or approx. 390 yards of 3 ply yarn.
(You can use any yarn but cotton and silk or cotton silk blends are coolest in summer.)

I used one ply silk and 2ply cashmere, 2 strands together but you can use one strand of 3ply.

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