15 Lovely And Sweet Crochet Bags Pattern Ideas

Topik Tropik Crochet Pattern

I want to share my beautiful chain wallet pattern with you. Actually in the Summer, as a guest blogger I wrote this pattern on Handmade Heart. I called it “topik tropik” because it is so beautiful with tropical colors.

I hope you enjoy my first writing pattern. If you crochet a coin wallet, you can tag me on instagram @ezgissimo

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Summer Days Bag Crochet Pattern

This crochet bag pattern for beginners is very easy and you only need a few supplies to make one!
This is a great start for complete beginners and the step by step photo tutorial in the pattern will help you create your own bag.
The stitch pattern is really simple, just layers of individual crochet.
You also need to know how to sew by hand if you want to add the lining.
This simple crochet bag works very fast and uses less than a raffia ball.
You see fast results with this project, so you will get immediate satisfaction!
This means you can quickly grab them for family and friends for their summer vacation.

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Lotus Bag Crochet Pattern

Knit a beautiful Lotus bag in a zig-zag pattern. The bag is perfect for a trip to the beach, shopping or for your latest knitting project.
There are many uses for it and it can be done in whatever colors you prefer – and you can’t decide, you can always do other knitting;)
Pattern information:
The base of the bag is knitted in a sock strip with increases. The side of the bag is knitted in a pattern with a stripe. The straps are knitted as in-cords and sewn onto the bag at the end.
2 skeletons of 1.8 ounces. (50 g) of Cotton Rainbow Hobbii 8/4, col. 98 A.
1 skein of 1.8 ounces. (50 g) of Cotton Rainbow Hobbii 8/4, col. 97 B.
US Double Size Needles 2.5 (3 mm)
31.5 inch (80 cm) US circular size 2.5 needle (3 mm)

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All Time Favorite Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

This sturdy and durable bag is my favorite tote bag for everyday use. So I named it the Best All-Time Tote Bag. I hope you enjoy the pattern and make one for yourself.

This bag is very easy to crochet but I categorized the pattern under experience level due to the intricate pattern affixed. You may feel uncomfortable the first few rounds of the body of the bag until you get a grip on the rhythm of the pattern. That’s why I created the tutorial video to show you how to crochet the body of the bag in about 45 minutes. So you can try the pattern if you are intermediate crocheters.

Best All-Time Tote Bag Perfect for daily use, go to the beach, market and carry your essentials easily on your shoulders when you go out.

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EveryDay Purse Crochet Pattern

This gorgeous everyday wallet is crocheted around a PU leather base in our Rainton Cotton 8/4].
The crocheted bag is in a beautiful, elegant and timeless pattern, and can be used for daily trips and parties.

Add your mark to the bag by picking your favorite color and finding the perfect handle in our wide selection of bag accessories.

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Granny Square Laptop Cover Crochet Pattern

I would like to introduce you to my expensive laptop cover. This time, we said that with Bora the photo shoots, let’s use the beautiful light of autumn. I went with this colorful cover.
The weather got smoother cooler, we went back to the houses I wanted to give you a prescription so you have something to keep our hands busy in the evening and my laptop should have a fun cover.

The motif is very easy to make, only the motifs increase or decrease according to the size of the laptop, at that point, the calculation is up to you 🙂

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MOSAIC TOTE BAG Crochet Pattern

BAG SIZE WILL BE COMPLETED WITHOUT HANDLE 12 ”x13” but you can easily adjust the size
Choosing your yarn will be the hardest part! This is a great pattern to use all the scraps or like me variegated yarn that you thought you loved but never used to make anything. (No joke, variegated so nice on the skien, not in projects, what’s up with that !?)
Hook 5.5mm
200-250grams Worst weight yarn of your choice, I used variegated yarn of lengths of about 8-10 feet each tied in a large ball.
Needles for weaving ends
Measuring tape

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Cotton Waves Handbag Crochet Pattern

Are you ready for summer? If not, you need to inspire this loving summer handbag a beach bag can also be used. If you like making handbags click here for more free designs and patterns!
2mm macro yarn
6mm crochet hook (J in USA)
Tapestry needle to clean the ends

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Boho Clutch Crochet Pattern

This is a great easy, quick and beautiful clutch tutorial.
DK yarn in 3 colors
Hook 3mm
2 wooden beads – stacking needle
The pattern I hired for my clutch is called a side saddle stitch, very easy to crochet and a pattern that gives the project an interesting texture.
The finished clutch measures 23 cm wide and 14 cm long.
The pattern of photo and chart tutorial can be found on my blog. Follow the link. Thank you!

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Fabulous Flamingo Bag Crochet Pattern

If you love flamingos and are crocheting a bag for yourself, then I have the perfect thing for you!

My latest crochet design with Intarsia crochet technique is something that writes Summer vibration, bring it to the beach, to the park, or use it as a WIP bag for you. The front shows the flamingo, the back is striped, as I can’t stand a strip or two and the strap is long enough to be worn all over the body if you like.

I designed the Fabulous Flamingo Bag with a technique I love! draw a picture on a square grid and bring it to life – also known as Intarsia, you use more than one color in a pattern to create a colorful fabric. Unlike tapestry crochet, you release the unused yarn and work with only one color at a time, rather than the unused color as you go along.

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Lickety Split Library Sack Crochet Pattern

Made with simple but strong stitches, this bag works quickly and easily, making it ideal for beginners. While this was originally designed as a library bag for my son (it holds four or five children’s books), this could be a quick trip market bag or even a reusable fruit and vegan bag!

The handle is made with a few layers of chain space before you finish the bag to keep the design easy but durable, and I’ll show you a little trick I have for a seam that is more reversible and you usually get with one crochet.

This pattern is available for FREE on my Website! The small fee for the pdf file you can download here, which includes a link to an informal tutorial on my attachment method as a bonus feature, helps me continue to be able to do what I love and share it with you! You can find more free pattern here:

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Yacht Club Beach Bag Crochet Pattern

Although not like the ocean theme in summer. It’s a theme that just says vacation. Well here is a fun crochet beach bag to help bring you the holidays.

I was lucky enough to have two uncles who had condos on the water. My uncle Ken had a place on Table Rack Lake that we would visit from time to time. Its places were decorated with anchors and lighthouses and all the sailing motifs.

My Uncle Randy shared a condo in San Destin Florida and it has a collection of sea shells, anchors, ropes and fish nets. Every year we would visit during major fishing competitions.

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Summer Backpack Crochet Pattern

Pack your picnic items in this crochet backpack and you’re all set for a summer outing.
Novita Kesä 2019 -lehti (in Finnish)
Pattern N:o in Magazine 15
Skill level Intermediate

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Pink & Purple Purse Crochet Pattern

The Pretty Pink & Purple free crochet purse pattern consists of 2 pieces. The body and the strap.
The body is accurately crocheted with a double crochet pooling the colors on top of each other in each row.
This Pretty Pink & Purple Wallet was designed with my friend in mind.
Her favorite colors with basic design gave a great gift!
This yarn is a heavy weight (6), however I used a smaller hook to get the desired look
I also made sure to crochet according to the color of the stitches, changing my tension sometimes, in order to create the stripe look.
Don’t worry, it’s not that hard! I have a picture tutorial below.

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