15 Lovely And Sweet Crochet Bags Pattern Ideas

MOSAIC TOTE BAG Crochet Pattern

Carrying a nice bag has something that makes me feel pretty inside and out. I can have a bad day Or maybe you feel a little bad. And then I spy this cuteness, I grab it and suddenly … my spirits lift and I can’t help but smile. Maybe she’s a bit naughty. Or distant and elegant. Or maybe it’s just a fun girl who wants to go out at night. No matter. Why me and the girl? Let’s go places! And you know what? Life is very good!

And what makes a bag even better? If you knit the Miss Sassy Pants bag YOURSELF! I love, I love, I love crochet bags. And this collection of drooling goodies is sure to make you fall in love, too.

BAG SIZE WILL BE COMPLETED WITHOUT HANDLE 12 ”x13” but you can easily adjust the size
Choosing your yarn will be the hardest part! This is a great pattern to use all the scraps or like me variegated yarn that you thought you loved but never used to make anything. (No joke, variegated so nice on the skien, not in projects, what’s up with that !?)
Hook 5.5mm
200-250grams Worst weight yarn of your choice, I used variegated yarn of lengths of about 8-10 feet each tied in a large ball.
Needles for weaving ends
Measuring tape

click here for pattern

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