15 Lovely And Sweet Crochet Bags Pattern Ideas

Granny Square Laptop Cover Crochet Pattern

Carrying a nice bag has something that makes me feel pretty inside and out. I can have a bad day Or maybe you feel a little bad. And then I spy this cuteness, I grab it and suddenly … my spirits lift and I can’t help but smile. Maybe she’s a bit naughty. Or distant and elegant. Or maybe it’s just a fun girl who wants to go out at night. No matter. Why me and the girl? Let’s go places! And you know what? Life is very good!

And what makes a bag even better? If you knit the Miss Sassy Pants bag YOURSELF! I love, I love, I love crochet bags. And this collection of drooling goodies is sure to make you fall in love, too.

I would like to introduce you to my expensive laptop cover. This time, we said that with Bora the photo shoots, let’s use the beautiful light of autumn. I went with this colorful cover.
The weather got smoother cooler, we went back to the houses I wanted to give you a prescription so you have something to keep our hands busy in the evening and my laptop should have a fun cover.

The motif is very easy to make, only the motifs increase or decrease according to the size of the laptop, at that point, the calculation is up to you 🙂

click here for pattern

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