Cool and Pretty Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Ideas

Amigurumi has been a big trend in the crochet world for quite some time and offers a welcome change of pace for those tired of sewing blankets, hats, and gloves. This collection of free amigurumi patterns offers a variety of cute and cozy toys for young and old alike.

Amigurumi, the craft of making cute crochet dolls, is ubiquitous these days. The kawaii designs that flourish in Japan have the world of crochet to recreate and design their own creatures and dolls. But where does this art come from? How do you start? We spoke with Erinna Lee, author of Amigurumi Treasures, about her inspirations and methods.

Winnie the Pooh Bear Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

For this master class you will need:
– hook No. 3.5mm-4mm,
– No. 2.25mm-No. 2.5mm for spout and blouse
– Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn 1 hank, yellow (I have # 80313)
– Yarn Art jeans yarn in black for the nose and red for the blouse (any cotton yarn at will)
– matching yarns (like iris) for sewing on details
– holofiber for filling toys
– qigang needle for sewing on details
– 3 small buttons for a blouse
– plastic eyes 10mm-12mm

click here for pattern

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