58+ Best and Cute Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Ideas For You!

Ever since I started my blog there has been great contact with people from different crochet backgrounds. Some have crocheted for years, but have never tried crocheted stuffed animals. Some became acquainted with the crochet, but stated that life became too busy. Some have never sought a crochet hook in their lives, but are interested in learning!


This post is easy to learn and now there are so many resources online. I learned to crochet book when I was younger, but now that YouTube is there, I think those videos are easier to learn because you can see everything in action. I have received emails from people who have been an inspiration to learn how to crochet at the sight of cute amigurumi’s. They have written to me about their success and proudly showed me pictures of their handmade stuffed animals. I encourage anyone of you thinking of pursuing a new hobby to try crocheting. It’s cheap, therapeutic and portable – I love how you can work on projects while waiting for a bus or a car ride. With today’s mass consumption, there is only something so special that with your own two hands you make a unique stuffed animal from scratch that feels organic.

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