Glitter Nails Design Ideas! This Year Trend Naildesigns

It’s time to call your manicure, as spring / summer 2019 nail trends are here and absolutely want to be imitated. When it came to shapes, nail trends in spring 2019 varied from short and angular to long and pointed, with some moderate intermediate options. Even in spring / summer 2019 there was a change in the nail polish color trends, with a ton of bright yellow and pink as appropriate seasonal options and some darker shades for those who are not too interested in arbitrariness rules.

There was less diversity in the spring of 2019 than nail art trends, instead there were two options that were essentially polar opposites: over-minimalist designs that are usually applied to a bare nail, and extreme applications and embellishments also take a distance. Take a good look at all the trends in nail polish in the spring of 2019 – perhaps you will be inspired to try something new, or you will stick to safe classics. We guarantee that this is a season where you can’t go wrong!

The Squoval nails adapt perfectly to a shorter nail, giving the elegant elegance of a square without sharp edges. It’s the perfect way to look like long, sophisticated and uncomfortable nails.

Normally, this shape works best with a simple monochrome glaze. However, we saw that she was paired with a lot of joyful shimmer, like Kate Spade, where the models’ natural nails were divided into pure squovale shapes and decorated with glitter, and Anna Sui, where confetti twinkled glitter glaze.

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