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Bathroom design ideas Tips for renovation bathroom

When it comes to the resale value of a home, renovating your bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most important investments you can make. But there is another reason, perhaps ultimately more advantageous, to consider a bathroom renovation. “I firmly believe that the space you live in has a huge influence on your personality and your approach to life,” says New York designer Susana Simonpietri, creative director of the Brooklyn firm Chango & Co. “Making your home beautiful and fresh is a great way to invite a daily influx of joy into your life, which ultimately affects everything you do. ” Nothing elevates you like starting the day in a room you love. ”

A space efficient layout plays an important role in achieving a luxurious appearance in a small bathroom. There are many clever design ideas that you can use to make your bathroom bigger than it actually is.
The first step is to simplify your accessories: build your vanity ledge along the longest wall and place it directly in the shower or frameless glass.

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