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Lovely White Dresser design ideas for your bedroom

After your bed, the dresser is probably the largest piece of furniture in your room, so it plays a key role in the style of your room. Too often, however, the top of the dresser becomes a bag for scattered jewelry, unread books, dishes awaiting return to the kitchen and toiletries that would be better in the bathroom. If this describes your dresser, your bedroom is not as relaxing or attractive as it could be. Although you may not be a professional interior decorator, a few simple tips will help you model your dresser and professionals.

First, focus on the basics. Remove everything from the top of the dresser and clean the furniture with polish to remove dust and dirt. Take the opportunity to get rid of everything that doesn’t belong to the dresser (or in your room). The typical dresser is covered with many irrelevant objects, so the first step is to start with a clean slate.

Your dresser needs something big on the wall above to provide visual balance. If the dresser is positioned under a window, the job is already done. Otherwise, hang a large mirror, a single work of art or a collection of small pieces on the wall above the dresser. For a better look, your mirror or hanging work should be at least half the width of the top of the dresser, but not wider than the dresser itself.

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