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Midnight Top Crochet Pattern

If you think crocheting means turning chunky yarn into chunky sweaters, think again! Crocheting is a fun and therapeutic way to get creative while adding items to your wardrobe, no matter what time of year.
In fact, there are tons of free summer t-shirts and tank top samples so you can show off your skills while still showing a little skin. If you are a beginner, many of these free patterns come with video tutorials so you can learn as you do.
Check out our favorites for summer-ready tops. You will be instantly inspired to break your hook!

This stylish summer crochet pattern would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe! The design is a top-down raglan, with lace detail that you won’t be able to find enough! In addition, it works up very quickly.

Note: This pattern is part of a crochet! The free link will take you to part 1 of the pattern. Links to section 2 can also be found.

click here for pattern

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