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Blue ocean Crochet Pattern

If you think crocheting means turning chunky yarn into chunky sweaters, think again! Crocheting is a fun and therapeutic way to get creative while adding items to your wardrobe, no matter what time of year.
In fact, there are tons of free summer t-shirts and tank top samples so you can show off your skills while still showing a little skin. If you are a beginner, many of these free patterns come with video tutorials so you can learn as you do.
Check out our favorites for summer-ready tops. You will be instantly inspired to break your hook!

Laines du Nord soft linen is made of 80% linen, 20% pima cotton, bright colors. This sweater works precisely, from top to bottom, from top to bottom. The yoke is divided into 3 parts, the first is a round yoke, and a series of irregular increments are distributed over all the yarns. The second part is an open work design (multiple of 18 strips) that creates a pattern and creates the increments. In the third part, increases are made, one round yes and one round no, but on the front and back. After closing the sleeve, the piece is tied in the round and some of the rust is removed.
Eventually, the work is divided to create the opening, in this phase we work in round trip irons.
Developed in 2 M / L sizes.
MEASURES size M = neckline about 72 cm, height from shoulder to colo sleeve about 25 cm, total length 56/57 cm, rust about 90 cm.

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