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Best living room chairs furniture design ideas

The difference between art and design is that design bridges the gap between art and real life by implementing art and creative ideas in the real world and in industry like design ideas. creative furniture. For example, the advertising industry applies the artistic concept in promoting products and ideas and web design uses these concepts in web design, etc.

Creative furniture design is one of those applied arts that apply the artistic concept in the furniture sector and create products that enrich life with beauty and creativity and make the product attractive to promote it. Creative furniture design not only applies the rules of art in product creation, it concerns human interaction and the ease of use of the product. The design of the object must be easy for the customer to use and meet his needs. If you create a very creative design that is difficult to use, it would not provide a professional end product; you should keep this in mind when designing an object related to a specific sector and studying the end user interaction with the object or product.

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