14 Lovely and Stylish Crochet Bags and Patterns for This Year

Riverside Market Bag Crochet Pattern

Over the past year or so, my city, and many others around the country, have banned single – use plastic bags. So of course I used this as another reason to pull out my hooks and yarn. Let’s be real, I’m always looking for an excuse to pull out those hooks and yarn!

I named this bag as a nod to the area in the city where I grew up. Riverside was a great little area, you guessed it, by the river. It was one of those neighborhoods where all the kids were around the same age and spending every night in each other’s homes. Some of my best memories are from that area, and the blues and purples in the yarn I chose brought those feelings back to me.

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Chasing Diamonds Bag Crochet Pattern

This bag is so fun, retro and chic! Perfect handbag with cross-body chevron strap.
With only a small amount of tapestry crochet working in just 2 colors, this would give a great introduction to this amazing coloring technique!
A full-color graph is also provided for the tapestry crochet part of the bag.
At around 8 ”in height (excluding strap) x 13” wide, this bag is the perfect everyday size. Line and add a zipper, if desired.
Optional d-rings are crocheted directly to the bag for ease of lifting and then the strap is sewn with d-rings at the end.
Strap is a retro chevron design to mimic the diamond design feature of the bag. As written, the strap is about 37 ”long when sewn into the bag so that the bag can be worn cross-body. However, instructions for changing the strap are also provided.

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The Little Mermaid Bag Crochet Pattern

This is for downloading crochet pattern PDF. The pattern will be available for immediate download upon payment.
This cross-body style bag uses the “shell” straw and has long strands of twisted red yarn with the appearance of hair flowing over the belly. A purple sea star is sewn into the hair to complete the look.
The medium sized bag straps are perfect for use to display pins for pin trading. And the bag itself is big enough to hold a standard autograph book and pen.
This bag is designed for a 6 year old child. But you can adjust the length of the strap to be more or less.

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The Em Bag Crochet Pattern

This pattern for my cross body bag is called The Em Bag. It works up to speed and requires knowledge of chain strip, single crochet, single crochet back loop, and slip strip.
You will need 400-450 yards of heavier weight yarn, a J hook, and a tapestry needle.
This is a fun little bag, perfect for adults as well as kids! I hope you all enjoy making one!

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Wild Strawberry Lunch Bag Crochet Pattern

I recently found that I needed a reusable lunch bag. My college classes were scheduled during lunch time, which meant I was packing a lot of meals, and I wanted to do something with them. Reusable lunch bags are great for the environment and easier to carry than a paper bag. I had a beautiful cotton yarn ball in my stash waiting for the right project, and the color changes make me think of wild strawberries, hence the name. Perhaps best of all, cotton yarn means you can throw the bag in the washing machine.

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The Beach Blossoms Market Bag Crochet Pattern

While it may be warm outside of this time of year, The Beach Blossoms Market Bag’s cool and soothing shade will imagine you dragging your feet through the wet sand, or enjoying the feeling of cool water lapping in against your toes. Although designed as a market bag, The Beach Blossoms works well as an everyday tote, or a bag to take to the beach!
It is designed to be more or less easily tailored to meet your needs (especially for shopping!). Although designed with Caron Cotton Cakes, cotton yarns of all types and colors will emphasize the sewing and style of the bag.
If you have any problems completing this pattern, please do not hesitate to contact me on Ravelry, Instagram or Facebook.

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Olive Touch Pouch Crochet Pattern

Olive Touch Pouch is the perfect crochet project for beginners or if you are thinking of doing something smaller. Maybe a weekend project?
It is quick to make and the pattern uses simple stitches, and the gauge is not as important as a garment.
It is the perfect gift for a friend or child of friends. Or why not make a sale?
Use DK weight cotton yarn (or cotton blend) and some press buttons.
Picture credit: nestedgoodsco and caffeinedcrocheting

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The Tiki Circle Bag Crochet Pattern

Whether you are planning a vacation this summer or not, a crochet circle bag will go with any of your summer clothes.
This raffia from King Cole is cheap and comes in a range of colors, not just natural.
The wallet is made in a circle crochet pattern which is very easy and simple for beginners.
It has a boho look that makes it a perfect throw down at your local tiki bar or on the beach.
This crochet purse is great for summer and would make a great gift for family and friends.

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Pocket Shopping Bag Crochet Pattern

Crochet market bag for every day. This little circle fits into your pocket or handbag. When you are in the store turn it outside & narrower you have a reusable market bag to take the place of that unnecessary plastic bag. I have made this pattern in 3 sizes, small (for a piece of fruit), medium (medium size plastic bag) & large (for your large items.)
Very suitable for beginners advanced to advanced crusher.
This is a large PDF file with very detailed notes and photos.
The pattern is written in US terms and there is a conversion table in UK terms.

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Leaf Soap Saver Crochet Pattern

Crochet your own beautiful leaf soap saver, a quick project that can be done in under an hour. Not only does the texture of the bites look beautiful but it also helps to exfoliate & massage your skin while you are in the shower. Along with this gorgeous little crochet soap cover will help you enjoy your luxury soaps longer.
Very suitable for beginners advanced to advanced crusher.
This is a large PDF file with very detailed notes and photos.
Materials Used: • 100 meters of dk cotton yarn. • 3.5mm crochet hook. • Scissors • Needle yarn • 2 beads
This pattern is copyright MoaraCrochet ©

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Easy Market Tote Crochet Pattern

The Easy Market Tote is the perfect bag to take with you to all those fun markets that will be taking place at this time of year. It’s also great for grocery shopping, doing projects for crochet on the go, going to the beach or the pool, and just to bring all those things and ends you need with you!
In laying the flat, this bag is over. 15 inches wide and 13 inches high (excluding handles).
This crochet pattern is easy to follow and friendly for beginners, but still fun for more experienced crocheters. I hope you enjoy making this bag as much as I did!

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Cables in the Sand Knit Bag Crochet Pattern

The flat wallet is operated in two pieces (front and back). It is only one size and is about 12 “x 10”. I measured the middle part of the bag since it is tapered.
16 st and 16 rows
You will need 2 balls of super-bulky yarn. I used about 1 ball / panel and had plenty left to weave and ends up the sides and bottom.
The yarn color I used is Taupe.
For the handles, I used some that I found in a thrift store. There was no label on it. But you can use whatever you prefer for the handles.

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Coastal Sun Tote Crochet Pattern

Creating the Sun Coast Crochet Tote Bag for daily use or even for a beach day is a quick fun project. Create a stripe using your scrap or crochet yarn in solid colors. This crochet tote suitable for beginners is operated from the bottom up, with a round with 100% cotton yarn, while acrylic is also suitable. These bags make great gifts that are beautiful and useful!

Finished dimensions = 12.5 ”high, 30” with strap. 12.5 ”wide flat set bag.

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Herringbone Square Basket Set Crochet Pattern

The Herringbone Square Basket pattern is beautiful, modern, and deceptively easy! My special plastic canvas method for stabilizing the sides will ensure you get a sturdy basket without killing your wrists using tiny hooks or doubling your yarn.

Visual learner? A full video tutorial is included in the blog post.

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Sherbet Stripes Tote Crochet Pattern

This pattern is free on my blog, or you can buy the PDF here on Ravelry!
The Sherbet Stripes Tote conveyed to me this gorgeous yarn mantle … and the result of this is one free skeletal crochet tote bag pattern!
This pattern has a special stitch that I haven’t seen before – if so, and you have an “official” name on it, let me know!
This results in a dense fabric with a knitted look that doesn’t even need lining – but you can add one if you like!
Tutorial videos right and left included!

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