17 New Trend Crochet Cardigan Patterns

Le Pouf Crochet Pattern

Free crochet cardigan patterns are the perfect layering garment for cold winter and summer days with lace crochet cardigans. Winter is the time of year when outfits overlap over and over again. We have to wear almost two or three layers of clothing like sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats, and cardigans. These are important, but if we are talking about a classy look and warming up our body, then free crochet cardigan patterns play an essential role. Since cardigans are considered the perfect layering garment, especially when it comes to free crochet cardigan patterns, it could become more elegant and glamorous.

Simple top-down stockinette cardigan, which lets you get creative with your yarns! Get an awesome mix of colors that will make you happy!

This is achieved by starting with two strands of Color A, then releasing one strand of A and replacing it with one strand of B. Next, two strands of Color B and so on. There is no stripe with this technique and marling creates a softer transition.

Thanks to everyone who helped test this pattern! In this thread and on Instagram 🙂

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