New trend Crochet Amigurumi Pattern Design Ideas

Unlike many other crafts, it doesn’t take much to start crocheting and amigurumi. While there are fun extras to buy, all you really need are a few crochet hooks and yarn of your choice, making for a cheap and portable hobby.

It is also perfect if you have the imagination to create funny characters but without evaluating your drawing skills. “I am a desperate artist despite my love for cartoons, illustrations and animation, so amigurumi seemed like a great alternative to create the characters that I see in my head. Instead of putting pencil on paper, using yarn and a crochet hook was much friendlier. I always hope someone loves my designs. If I can do that, I will know that I have achieved my design goal of capturing the emotions and character of the creation that I see in my head. ”

Easter Chick Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

– Yarn depends on your choice
(I use Alize Cotton Gold 330m/100g) With colors: yellow, white and orange;
– different colors for crocheting spots;
– 2mm crochet hook (or another convenient hook for you);
– 1,75mm crochet hook for crocheting upper line;
– eyes 6mm;
– toys stuffing, scissors, stitch maker, needle and dollmaking needle;
– If you want you can insert some type of rattle in the toy;

click here for pattern

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