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Awesome double vanity design ideas for bathroom furniture

The bathroom alone is a space not to be missed in the world of interior design; dismal place of routine for some, private sanctuary for the more enlightened. Likewise, bathroom vanity can be a focal point of the show or a forgettable utility, and today’s ingenious sources of inspiration leave no excuses for the latter.

Whether your tastes are firmly rooted in the modern world or reminiscent of times gone by, there is an infinite assortment of ultra-modern vanities to bring to your bathroom space. From vintage models to Art Nouveau additions, bathroom vanity is the mirror extension of your inner kingdom.

Most of us look in the bathroom mirror every morning when we get up and every night before going to bed, perhaps with little reflection on the meaning of such a ritual. Our reflections are nothing but sacred, just as our mirrored instruments should have the same value.

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