Cool Summer Makeup Looks and Eyeshadow Tips

When it comes to summer beauty products, sunscreen is probably the only thing you should be layering on thick. Makeup is a whole different story, seeing as anything you put on whether it be a foundation, eye shadow, or bronzer will most likely melt off the minute you step into the sweltering summer heat. (Thanks for that, sweat.)

It’s for this reason that almost every makeup artist in the game swears by super lightweight, sheer and creamy products in the summertime think tinted moisturizers and cream blush as this helps lessen the chances of your makeup turning into a sweaty, cakey disaster the second the sun hits. Sweatproof and water resistant products are also key, as is multitasking makeup you can bring with you to easily touch up throughout the day.

And yet, great makeup no matter what the season — always starts with skin care. In fact, when Allure tapped several makeup artists to find out their best summer makeup tips, they all stressed the importance of proper exfoliation and prepping the skin with sunscreen. Curious to know what other summer makeup tips they’ve got up their sleeves? Keep scrolling to find out.

Summer is here and I do not mind having those summer makeup looks forever. Let’s take a look at some of the fun makeup ideas for the year 2021.

Makeup fans around the world can look forward to this season, as we’ve seen great tracks get inspired by fun summer makeup ideas over and over again on our own launch sites. and the tracks can be replicated. From the fashion shows to the music festivals, we saw all the highlights of the rock shine this season. A light shell of bright powder on the lower lashes gives your eyes and cheekbones the attention you deserve. It works for everyone.

Once Memorial Day arrives (well, let’s be honest and say a few weeks in advance), we can not stop looking for “summer makeup looks” on Google. Meanwhile, the days are warmer, slower and sunnier, and we can only think of drinking outside and taking summer sunsets, and the makeup we’re going to use. To make it easier, we have compiled the most important trends of this season, we have added many images to inspire and we have included them here (with expert advice).

Probably the biggest summer makeup look that takes the season by assault is one of our absolute favorites. Embossed “shock shadow”, the trend includes just that – a small shock. All you need is an intense color, even if it’s neon, holographic or metallic, and wash it on the lid until the color is opaque. And that’s it. Do the rest of your makeup as usual. “The eyeshadow of the 80s has returned, but confidence is better the second time,” says trend researcher Jane Buckingham. “This summer will be strong colors.

Summer is the season to unleash all the color when it comes to makeup—there’s just something about the warm weather and sunny breeze that really has us wanting to experiment with a bright eyeshadow or new blush. From flushed cheeks to fluorescent lids (and then some), there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to summertime beauty looks, and we have the proof. Keep scrolling for a roundup of summery makeup looks you can absolutely wear all year long—you’ll definitely have more than one favorite.

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