52+ The Best Makeup Looks Trends For This Spring and Summer

We love to change our looks from time to time, but with each new season, there are a number of new trends, and it can be very difficult to keep up with them.

To find out which spring / summer make-up trends we should really try this year, we turned to bareMinerals SJ Froom and Brit Tottle Make-up Artists. This season, they created the three most beautiful make-up styles for our readers, showing that they are not only wearable but can also be easily restored at home.

As the sun rises in spring, you can taste your favorite seasonal fruits, take off your dainty clothes and fill the room with fresh flowers. You may also feel relieved when you enjoy your make-up, because the next few months are the perfect time to reload and try new things.

Perhaps you will turn the gloomy, dark lipsticks that you have worn throughout the winter into bright, vivid colors. Or do something more with your marker because your skin captures the natural light of the sun’s reflection (we all know that selfies are more effective in spring and summer)

You should be able to play with color and make your skin shine this spring – just because you can. From colorful mascara to ultra-bronzed skin, these are nine areas where you’ll find spring mood.

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