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Poetic Dream Cardigan Crochet Pattern

This little sleeveless cardigan is crocheted from the top down without much seaming. It features a dreamy puff stitch border you love to wear. The three-quarter sleeves and open sleeves make this the perfect transition cardigan to Fall. By using a large Crochet Hook, this practical beauty works in no time!

About. width at underarms when flat:
XS (15 ”) S (16.5”) M (18.5 ”) L (20.5”)

Gauge: 13 strips, 6 sets of dc and hdc = 6 ”wide and 4” high

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toasted honey cocoon cardigan Crochet Pattern

We’ll meet a toasted honey coconut crochet cardigan, well…. well, how did I come up with this delicio name? Mmmmm…. This is my favorite breakfast right now ^^.

This is an overly simple and super simple crochet cardigan or we could also call it a cardigan blanket. They are made just one piece of rectangle and fold each up to form the shoulder.

I mostly love working with cotton yarn but this time I had a big knife of arc-weight yarn left so nothing…. toasted honey cocoon cardigan is here!

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Breezy Basketweave Jacket Crochet Pattern

Packed with swing and swish, the Breezy Basketweave Jacket is a fun knit that’s perfect for the beginner knitter – all you have to do is knit and purl! No complicated modeling, this is a boxing jacket that balances every shape, fit over a dress for the office, styilsh with a tee and jeans for coffee, and so elegant over a dress for dinner. The contrast between luster and matte in every shade DK Metallic Paintbox Yarns gives a brilliant shimmer, and this yarn drapes beautifully!

● 50g ball of PaintK DK Metallic Yarns (As seen on the cover)
. 9 11:12:14 × Sea Breeze
● 3.25mm pair of knitting needles (UK 10 – US 3)
● Pair of 4mm knitting needles (UK 8 – US 6)

24 sts and 36 rows to 10 cm, 4 in a square above the patch
4mm needles (RA 8 – US 6), or what is needed to bring properly
tension (gauge).

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Headland Crochet Pattern

The headband is a knit v-neck cardigan from the bottom up with pockets and a little ribbon at the hug of the saddle shoulders. Knitted with Berroco Mercado, this cardigan would be perfect for a fall!

Banner (closed): 34½ (39, 42, 46½, 50½, 55, 58) “
Fad: 25 (25, 26, 26½, 27, 27½, 28) ”
Shown in size 39 ”. Suggested facilitation: positive facilitation 2–4 ”.

BERROCO MERCADO (100 grs): 5 (6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 9) hanks # 4128 Cielo

Knitting needles, sizes 8 (5.00 mm) and 10 (6.00 mm) or size to obtain a gauge
2 straw holders
1 affixed marker
Four buttons 1¼ “

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Countryside Cardigan Crochet Pattern

The Cardigan Country District consists of a boxed, cropped crochet with tapered sleeves finished with bobble cuffs and a neckline. This drop shoulder design is created in five panels sewn together with optional angle patch guides to create a rusty à la campagne look: bit_smiling_face: You can easily dress this design up or down – wear it on country walks with jeans and gumboots or pair it with ankle boots for a chic, brunch look!

This pattern is accompanied by a tutorial video.

XS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Skill Level: Easy

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Color your world Crochet Pattern

This cardigan is seamlessly knitted from the bottom up to the split point for the sleeves where the front and back pieces are knitted flat. The shoulder stitches are attached to the 3 Attached Needles and stitches are taken to the sleeve and knitted round. The style of the dropped shoulder is not much shaped while making knitting great for beginners. This cardigan is meant to be worn with 10 – 12 inches at its positive comfort. 6 colors are used for the stripes, which change every 12 layers. Feel free to play with the stripes making them different widths and using as many different colors as you want!

To Knit The Color Of Your Cardigan World You Will Need:

Biscuit Yarn: DK Pure 238m / 260yds / 90% Merino Superwash and 10% Silk.
Biscuit Yarn: Bis-sock merw superwash wool 400m / 435yds / 85% and nylon 15%.
Biscuit Yarn: Hermione 840m / 918yds / 75% kid mohair and 25% silk.

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Nuthatch Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Ceann de na modhanna scíthe is fearr liom ná luí i hammock i mo chlós cúil le mo dhéshúiligh, féachaint ar na héin ag sileadh timpeall – ag preabadh brainse crainn amháin go ceann eile. Is breá liom gach duine acu, is cuma cé chomh coitianta. Tá dhá phéire cnónna cnó ann a chónaíonn sna Pines Loblolly: an cnó cnó donn agus an cnó bán cíche. Bíonn siad ag foráiste suas, síos agus i leataobh ar fud na gcrann, ag scealpadh ag an gcoill. Cuireann rud éigin faoi na cáblaí ciseán a mhaisíonn an hata agus an tacar cardigan seo i gcuimhne dom – ag bogadh thart i ngach treo. Nó, cuireann sé coirt na gcrann uigeach i gcuimhne dom. Cuireann na cáblaí fada a shíneann níos faide ná an chuid tuí ciseán i gcuimhne dom na crainn arda a fheidhmíonn mar bhaile do na héin bheaga seo. Mar sin, tá an geansaí seo ainmnithe agam ina ndiaidh.

Tá an cardigan seo cniotáilte cothrom i bpíosaí ón mbun aníos agus seamed. Tá cáblaí dlúth ann feadh na bpainéal hem agus cábla a iompraítear chuig na guaillí agus a dtrasnaíonn siad leis na painéil muinchille cáblaithe ar na guaillí. Ina dhiaidh sin, tá an leathán cáblaithe críochnaithe, laghdaítear greamanna go cothrom faoi bhun iomaire purl, agus tá stoc-stoc ag an gcuid eile den geansaí ar imeall an chábla. Agus na hAghaidheanna Ceart agus Clé á n-oibriú agat, tabhair faoi deara go dtarlaíonn múnlú muineál agus múnlú armhole ag an am céanna. Léigh na treoracha don dá chuid go cúramach sula dtéann tú ar aghaidh le Múnlú Muineál.

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Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan Crochet Pattern

The air is cool in the end! I woke up in the morning and it was cold enough for a cozy sweater while waiting at the bus stop with Evie! I have been keeping this pattern a secret for sooooo long. I finally get to share my “Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan” with you who is part of Lion Brands, 12 Weeks of Christmas! I know, I know. Christmas seems so far away but it’s never too early to make gifts right? Especially when they are handmade and take a little more time. Yay for slow fashion!
My Cozy Boyfriend Cardigan is available as kit from Lion Brand at an awesome 40% off discount price! Use the code “SAVE40SEPT” at checkout. Snag with me now so you can get started! Did you know that you get a free printed PDF of my pattern when you buy the kit? Yup.

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