13 Modern and Granny Crochet Bag Pattern Ideas for 2020

Handbags are one of the most prominent fashion accessories and style statements one can have. When you wear it, your personality is reflected and the bag shows a variety of things about you and yourself, for example your likes and dislikes and also your areas of interest. One of the most exciting craft projects is crochet purses, purses, and purses. Crochet bags are adorable and allow you to use a variety of crochet patterns and manual techniques. You can include Tunisian crochet or integrate pretty beads or even appliqués. We welcome you to our directory of crochet bag patterns, where you can browse different patterns completely free of charge.

Flower clutch bag Crochet Pattern

Spring is here in Cape Town, which means the days are getting longer (and warmer) and of course, lots of FLOWERS! Our city has been plagued by the most severe drought in the last few years. We barely made it to zero days last year – a day when there would be no more water and the taps would run dry. Scary idea! Fortunately, with many water saving efforts from everyone, we were able to avoid this catastrophic situation.

We also had good rain this winter, and while our dams are not 100% full, they are in much healthier condition than last year. What this means, is that we managed to pay some attention to our garden for the first time in ages! And of course, that means flowers!

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