How to Draw Manga and How to Draw Anime! Easy Drawing!

New to draw manga? Are you looking for inspiration or to improve your process? The complete guide to drawing manga is one of the most important resources on the Internet for manga art and offers a complete overview of the first steps in drawing manga characters. Start from this page with our overview or go directly to one of the tutorials below.

I’ll divide it into sections so it’s easier to follow. We will take care of everything, from the character’s original design, to the sketches and coloring, to shading and coloring. Not all mangas are the same – there are many nuances, depending on the style you use. That’s why we focus (at least in more detail) on the design of eyes, faces and differences between male and female characters. To simplify, this tutorial focuses on drawing a character’s head. More tutorials later for more tips on bodies, poses, hands, feet, etc.

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