51+ New Manga and Anime Art Drawing Ideas

This lesson will show you how to structure and delineate the main manga character. Using the skeleton figure, you can obtain the correct and proportional basic parts of the posture before adding details. If you want to draw a more dynamic character, look at these tutorials, which show how to draw a ninja manga and a cyborg cop.

When drawing a manga character, the correct proportions are important. You have about 7.5 heads. The heroes of manga action, as a rule, have more elongated proportions, with at least 8 heads tall, often taller. A relatively small head improves the dramatic effect of a low point of view in the sublime position of the “hero”. This is very different from the caricature style.

The rest of the proportions of the body are quite standard: the length of the shoulder to the elbow is approximately equal to the length of the elbow to the wrist. The same applies to the hips to the knee and the knee to the ankle. As a general rule, I like to start the shape of the frame with the placement (and not the finishing) of the head, and then move on to the rest of the frame, because the head usually guides the body. The detail is designed together with the rest of the drawing, and it does not end first.

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