58+ Cute and Different Manga Drawing Style and Ideas

Big eyes, exaggerated expressions and pretty little chibi characters are just some of the attractive features of the anime. But before you start learning to draw manga, it’s helpful to get some words of wisdom from a professional manga. To become the best artist, here are some important and effective tips – and some tips to avoid the mistakes of beginners.

It is tempting to go through this tedious step, but if you do not know how to draw, go online and find the link. Look for poses, props, surroundings – your art looks much better for him. Do not try to get anything out of memory only, because you miss important details.

Studying your favorite artist should not become a copy of this artist – if you start copying as a beginner, you can easily mimic the artist’s flaws. Instead, study their art carefully to find out which parts you like and why.

This is a difficult advice to follow because criticism can be like a curse, especially if it is rude. You do not need to consider each critic as legitimate, but you must remain impartial. Another person may have a valid point.

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