72+ Amazing and New Anime and Manga Drawing Examples!

Anime characters do not have very strict proportions – each creator has his own style and it is impossible to create a correct list of proportions for the manga body. Although there are no right and wrong proportions, there are intentional and unintentional ones.

To give your proportions a conscious look, you need to maintain their consistency. To do this, follow certain rules when drawing. The most common rules for drawing proportional anime bodies would be:

Once you’ve memorized your proportions, they’re much easier to implement than the “many, many long heads” rule. Honestly, how do I start drawing manga, if the only thing you know is how it should look when you’re done? You have to draw the head, then multiply six and a half times and then somehow draw a dynamic body over it? This method of measuring proportions always seemed ridiculous to me. Let me show you a much simpler method!

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