37+ Amazing Manga and Anime Art Drawing Methods

In an interview with Japanese pop culture website comic Natalie, Shoji Sato, the High School of the Dead and Triage X, Shoji Sato said it was “not easy” to draw a sequel to High School of the Dead during a break in the Year 2011 (although the new chapter debuted in 2013). , Sato painted only one picture and did not write a story.

The author of the series Daisuke Satō died in 2017 of coronary heart disease. His illness caused a break in the manga. Shoji Sato noted that he often receives comments from foreign fans unfamiliar with the situation. He says he should continue the series, and says, “Even if I hate that the series has stopped, I thought only of Daisuke Sat.” I can carelessly attend [High School of the Dead]. ”

Triage X-editor Kavanakjima (not his real name) said that, in truth, there is no one in the world who could inherit Daisuke Sato’s vision and continue the story he wanted to tell. They would need someone who knew Daisuke Sato’s plans for the remainder of the series and had the ability to tell stories to do them properly.

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