67+ Amazing and Cute manga And Anime Drawing Styles

One of the main distinguishing features of Anime (and consequently Manga) is that it is a visual abstraction, stylization and exaggeration. Know that much of what makes anime cool and different from Western animation is based on this.

*) sparkling lines of swords, luminous eyes, disproportionately long female legs, visible fighting auras, new energetic, ankle-length hair, facial features that disappear, indifferent eyes, protruding veins, impossible busts, enormous weapons not practical, debris … Endless list.

By the way, this is not the way the Japanese invented. For example, look at the ancient Greek statues. They have already done the same with the muscles, the veins and the proportions of the body – only the level of exaggeration (even if it is clearly present) is much lower than in the anime.

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