Charcoal Drawing Tutorials: Charcoal Drawing Tips and Techniques

Drawing with charcoal is convenient and easy: you can carry accessories anywhere to make a quick sketch when you’re on the move. In this free download from “The Artist Magazine” magazine (Encyclopedia of Art Media) you will learn the basics of drawing with charcoal, graphite and Conté crayons that can be applied to any topic: figure drawing, portrait drawing … the possibilities are possible endless.

Mediapedia: Graphite, charcoal and Conte Crayons by Greg Albert contains the most common mine questions, details on the durability of charcoal drawing materials, tips for protecting charcoal drawings, tips for saving drawings and much more!

So what is the difference between drawing with charcoal, graphite or crayons conté? Albert, author of The Simple Secret to Better Painting (Artist Network Shop) and collaborator of Artist’s Magazine, explains that this wonderful trio of drawing tools is more than appealing. By knowing the pros and cons of each design support, you will be given the exact information you need to experience the medium you like.

Each medium offers slightly different results: it is possible that you are looking for something that is easy to erase and covers the paper well. You may want to work with a softer suggestion. Mediapedia: Graphite, Charcoal & Conté Crayons is the perfect companion to learn more about versatile properties, regardless of which you prefer, or to learn more about its versatile properties.

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