The Basics of Sketching With Charcoal – Awesome Charcoal Drawing

“Drawing is the most basic skill for the visual artist,” says Albert. “If the result is relaxed, preliminary and exploratory or highly stylized, schematic and sophisticated.” Knowing the drawing tools is essential to create art with the medium that best expresses your personal style.

Which medium produces thin lines compared to continuous sound levels? What are some unexpected ways to use ordinary tools in a drawing? How can you make a substrate softer to change the surface of the drawing? There are so many questions, but to help you get started with the charcoal drawing, Albert gives you a list of the most important tools and also explains the chemistry of carbon, graphite and conté based charcoals. It also provides a brief guide to the paper, providing the information needed to turn your coal ideas into reality.

So you want to start drawing. You might be curious about some aspects of carbon, graphite and pastel conté. So don’t miss this special section with frequent questions and answers.

Graphite was first discovered in the 16th century. How safe is it to use today? Discover the durability of charcoal drawing materials, the protection of a charcoal drawing, the best way to save drawings and much more.

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